• 8 tips to get and keep followers on Twitter

    There are two kinds of users: those that know how to get more followers and build a reputation, and those that are using tricky methods and always fail. Which one would you like to be? Here are some tips that can help you get more followers on Twitter. 1. Complete your profile It’s important that […]

  • How to Speed Up Your Website

    Some people who are used to living with slow internet connections may well forgive a slow loading website, as they are unsure whether it is their connection or the site itself.  For the other internet users who have the latest technology keeping them connected, whether it is fibre-optic broadband or 4G, the importance of a […]

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    If you are familiar with Facebook or tools like HootSuite that allow you to schedule your posts, then you might be looking for a quick tutorial that will teach you how to schedule your Google Plus posts. Unlike the big brother (Facebook), Google plus doesn’t have any solution for scheduling your posts yet, but however […]

  • 4 Ways To Write SEO Articles in a Style People Can Read

    Content on your website is still one of the key factors when it comes to having a good page rank. People always say that “content is king”, and you can be sure that’s not going to change at any time in the near future. This means that SEO articles are still a good option for […]

  • Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies in 2013

    Digital marketing is developing in an enthusiastic way. It is a new phenomenon, which gives a great platform for all the business people to compete with the competitors. Most of them come up with marketing ideas and plans that have been flourishing that what went before. You may design your strategies for 2013 and tune […]