18 Google plus tips that will make you noticed

Google plus is here to stay. I hope you don’t have any doubts about that. I’ve been using G+ for the last year and i am definitely a big fan. I use it more often than Facebook or Twitter, and because of that i got to learn some tips that  i would like to share with you.

Before we start, this is me on Google Plus

Posts on Google Plus

1. If you want to bold a word, you have to put that word in asterisks, like this: *word*.

2. Making a word italicized can be done by putting a word between underscores, like this:  _word_

3. By putting a word between hyphens you will create a strikethrough effect, like this: -word-

Customizing messages on Google plus

4. You can disable reshare on any post on G+ by clicking the small triangle on the top right of your posts. On the drop down menu, select “lock this post”

Disable resharing on Google plus

5. You can disable comments on your posts on G+ by using the same method. Click on the small triangle on the top right, and select ” disable comments”

Community tips on Google Plus

6. If you have a Google Plus page, you can join and post inside a community. This is a great way to get more exposure to your G+ page. However, you should know that all communities are moderated, and spam is not allowed.

7. You can interact with people on communities and build relationships.

8. Joining a community will flood your home stream with lot of messages. At some point that can become very annoying. You can mute a community by turning off the notifications. By default, all communities with more than 10.000 users have notifications disabled.

Google plus communities

9. Inside a community you can click on “members” and get a list with all the people that joined. This is a good way to find people with relevant interest to yours.

Profiles on Google Plus

10. You can send a private message to anyone on G+ just by adding their +name. When doing that, remember not to include “Public” or “your circles”.

sending a Private message on Google plus

And this is how it should look like, before sending

Private message G+

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11. You can select wether you want or not to show others how many people you have in your circles, or how many have you in circles. To do that, you must go to your profile, click “Edit profile” and click “in your circles” or “have you in circles”. There you can choose if you want those details to be shared to public or just to your circles.

Other tips for Google+

12. Anyone can create or join an Event just by clicking on the “Events” button on the left panel.

13. You can select how many “Hot on Google Plus” posts to get in your Home stream. To do that, go to “Explore” on the left panel and choose how often you want to get this posts from the right bar.

Hot on Google

14. You can add a person to more than one circle. This can be very useful if you have some friends that are into SEO and you want to addd them to your “friends” circle, and also “SEO” circle.

15. By default, you can chat on Google Plus with all those that have added to their circles.

16. If you don’t want people to chat with you, you can disable that feature from “chat privacy settings” on the right side.

Chat on G+

17. You can customize how many posts from your circles you want in your home stream. You can do that from the notification bar.

18. I highly recommend you to install Chrome extension: “CircleCount”. It has a lot of useful features. You can see the follower history, how many +1’s and reshare’s a profile get’s on average.

This is the link where you can download CircleCount plugin for Chrome.

Also, the feature that i like the most: “ripples for this post”. It shows you how many people have reshared a certain post just like in the image bellow:

Dan Petrovic on Google Plus


Circle count plugin


If you have other that you would like to share, please write them in the comments bellow.

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