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8 tips to get and keep followers on Twitter

There are two kinds of users: those that know how to get more followers and build a reputation, and those that are using tricky methods and always fail. Which one would you like to be? Here are some tips that can help you get more followers on Twitter.

1. Complete your profile

It’s important that people know exactly who you are just by checking your profile.

  • Use a nice and clean username, if available, choose your name. 
  • Add a photo of you. Nobody likes egg heads, and nobody will follow you unless you show that you are a real person.
  • If your account is for business, add your company’s logo.
  • Add a relevant bio that describes you or your company. A good bio can help you get more followers.

2. Be selective when you tweet or share something

  • You are not a celebrity, so nobody will be interested to see what type of coffee you drink this morning. Never tweet useless messages and things that might offend your followers. 
  • Always be selective with your tweets and make your account worth following. 
  • Don’t spam your followers timeline. The last thing you would like to do is lose the followers you just gained.
  • Have a minimum posts per day.
  • Share useful links, tutorials and “how to” articles are the best.

3. Follow reputable users in your market

  • There’s no such thing as competition. Your competitors should be your friends. Follow them, and learn what they have done to gain followers.  Check what type of links they share and how their followers interact. 
  • Build a relation with the most influential users in your niche.

4. Analyse what works and what doesn’t

Always check what gets you the most retweets or the most replies to your tweets. Repeat what worked well and keep repeating. Retweet your most popular posts.

5. Use hashtags and participate in conversations

One of the best ways to connect to people with similar interests is to use hashtags. Add relevant hashtags to your tweets. This is a great way to create connections and build business relationships.


6. Write quality guest posts

Find websites in your niche that allow guest authors. Reach them and and ask to write a guest post. Your article has to be top notch in order to get followers. If you write a useful article, users will want to see more similar articles, and most likely they will follow you on social media.

7. Promote your company on your competitors twitter account

Wait…what?! Yes, you read that right. Check if your competitors are selling sponsored tweets and advertise your posts on their accounts. Buy a retweet to one of your most popular article. With little money, you can gain many followers. If your competitors are not selling tweets, invite them to do so, and let them know you would be interested to buy. Ask them to create a listing on sites like

8. Find the users with the most influence in your niche

There are numerous ways to find people with high authority in your niche, but the best I would recommend is Use the bio filter, and search for your niche. For example, if you are in the technology niche, you get a list of almost 400k twitter accounts.


What to avoid

  • Don’t follow hundreds of users in one day hoping that they will follow back. Twitter automatically detects if you follow or unfollow to many users at the same time. Using tools that can help you get followers are not accepted by Twitter and you might end up with a banned account.
  • Do not send automatic messages. Users might be annoyed, and you may lose followers.

All these tips should help you get more followers on Twitter. Let me know if you have other tips and how it worked.

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